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The storms in life that Patti McLead has experienced are some of the toughest. However, her faith in God has brought her through them all. Through Tattered Not Torn Ministries, she shares her stories and the lessons she learned in a way that will have you crying one minute and laughing the next. She’s learned that even in the middle of the worst tragedy, God can bring a smile to your face and put laughter in the air.


Choices - It's all about choices!

Pie or Cake?  Cherry or Apple?  Joy or Bitterness?

What's it going to be for you?

 When life dishes it out

we have to make some big choices!

Using Ruth and Naomi as our example,

let's explore just what our choices are!

2-one hour sessions


How to 'Bee'... a Living Sacrifice,
Holy and Pleasing unto God

Using Romans 12:1 as our starting point and working

through the Scripture to discover just how

 "Bee-utiful' it is to live for the Lord.

 3-one hour sessions


What Will You Be Wearing This Year?

Shopping through Scripture to find

our foundations, classics, fragrance -

all on God's budget!

 1-one hour session


Topics may be adjusted to your event's time requirements.




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